DPF cleaning equipment

The DPF cleaning equipment uses a four-step cleaning process to ensure that the filter is thoroughly cleaned to last longer.

  • Airflow Test Bench

    Airflow test bench tests the pressure differential before and after cleaning.

  • Dust Collector

    The dust collector collects dust from the Pneumatic Cleaner after cleaning.

  • Thermal Regenerator

    The Thermal Regenerator melts hardened ashes that remain in the filter through the high-temperature process.

  • Pneumatic DPF Cleaner

    The pneumatic cleaner cleans the remaining dust from each cell through the nozzles below and above.

What is DPF?

As a smoke abatement equipment, which is mounted in the location of a muffler to reduce smoke and black soot among exhaust gas components emitted from diesel vehicles, and reduces smoke by accumulating it in the filter and burning (regenerating) it under certain temperature conditions.

A broken DPF will have a significant effect on fuel economy and output.
The DPF must be cleaned periodically to ensure the vehicle's safety, along with its economic benefits.

DPF Cleaning Sequence

This is the order of DPF cleaning operation sequence provided by the KCP.

  • 1. Vehicle Arrival

  • 2. Checking the DPF installation

  • 3. Removing the DPF

  • 4. Removing the DPF top

  • 5. Removing the DPF bottom

  • 6. Burning DPF (burning)

  • 7. DPF filter
    air cleaning operation

  • 8. Completing the cover assembly

  • 9. Refitting and
    finishing the DPF

DPF video

This is the actual DPF cleaning video.

600 degree high heat treatment process

During the heat treatment process, one of the DPF clinics, the waste is removed after melting the hardened fumes and debris by providing 600 degrees of high heat.

Each DPF cell can be cleaned
through the clinic process.

The nozzles at the bottom and top of the cells allow you
to remove all dust from each cell.
The nozzle below breaks the dust directly through the air and the nozzle above it
shakes the dust down and collects it in the dust collector.

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